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Jewel box collection

OEEA accept jewelry case and displays product customize. You can have any combination of shapes, sizes, colors and internal construction. Logo can be hot stamped on the inside lid. All boxes are packed by white paper sleeve.
Samples: Request samples is available;
Samples price: Double of the EXW price; no include the express shipment cost;
Samples Lead time: 6 to 15 days after receipt payment, If have any adjust, we will show at the pro invoice;
Bigger Order Lead time: 20 to 35 days after receipt payment;
Wholesales Price: Please send email or fax to our Sale Dept., please fill us about your company name, address, telephone number and fax number, and your interested items. We will reply you in 24 hours.
Jewelry box- J101 Jewelry box- J101-01 Jewelry box- J101-02 Jewelry box- J203 Jewelry box- J203-01 Jewelry box- J203-02
J101 J101-01 J101-02 J203 J203-01 J203-02
Jewelry box- J102 Jewelry box- J102-01 Jewelry box- J102-02 Jewelry box- J301 Jewelry box- J301-01 Jewelry box- J301-02
J102 J102-01 J102-02 J301 J301-01 J301-02
Jewelry box- J103 Jewelry box- J103-01 Jewelry box- J103-02 Jewelry box- J302 Jewelry box- J302-01 Jewelry box- J302-02
J103 J103-01 J103-02 J302 J302-01 J302-02
Jewelry box- J104 Jewelry box- J104-01 Jewelry box- J104-02 Jewelry box- J303 Jewelry box- J303-01 Jewelry box- J303-02
J104 J104-01 J104-02 J303 J303-01 J303-02
Jewelry box- J105 Jewelry box- J105-01 Jewelry box- J105-02 Jewelry box- J304 Jewelry box- J304-01 Jewelry box- J304-02
J105 J105-01 J105-02 J304 J304-01 J304-02
Jewelry box- J201 Jewelry box- J201-01 Jewelry box- J201-02 Jewelry box- J202 Jewelry box- J202-01 Jewelry box- J202-02
J201 J201-01 J201-02 J202 J202-01 J202-02
jewel boxes-J1001 jewel boxes-J10011 jewel boxes-J1007 jewel boxes-J1008 jewel boxes-J1009
J1001 J10011 J1007 J1008 J1009
jewel boxes-J1010 jewel boxes-J1011 jewel boxes-J1012 jewel boxes-J10121 jewel boxes-J1013
J1010 J1011 J1012 J10121 J1013
jewel boxes-J1014 jewel boxes-J1015 jewel boxes-J1016 jewel boxes-J4001 jewel boxes-J4002
J1014 J1015 J1016 J4001 J4002
jewel boxes-J4003 jewel boxes-J4004 jewel boxes-J4005 jewel boxes-J4006 jewel boxes-J5001
J4003 J4004 J4005 J4006 J5001
jewel boxes-J5002 jewel boxes-J5003 jewel boxes-J5004 jewel boxes-J5005 jewel boxes-JF001
J5002 J5003 J5004 J5005 JF001
jewel boxes-JF002 jewel boxes-JF003 jewel boxes-JF004 jewel boxes-JF005 jewel boxes-JF006
JF002 JF003 JF004 JF005 JF006
jewel boxes-JF007 jewel boxes-JF008 jewel boxes-JF009 jewel boxes-JF010 jewel boxes-JF011
JF007 JF008 JF009 JF010 JF011
jewel boxes-JF012 jewel boxes-JF013 jewel boxes-JF014 jewel boxes-JF015 jewel boxes-JF016
JF012 JF013 JF014 JF015 JF016
jewel boxes-JF017 jewel boxes-JF018 jewel boxes-JF019 jewel boxes-JF020 jewel boxes-JF021
JF017 JF018 JF019 JF020 JF021
jewel boxes-JF022 jewel boxes-JF023      
JF022 JF023
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